The Inbetweeners Movie


The boys are back, sack and crack.

While the nerds-trying-toget-laid sub-genre was never in danger of extinction, Ben Palmer’s fresh-faced, foul-mouthed continuation of the beloved E4 series goes some way towards reinvigorating it. Sixth-form leavers Will, Simon, Jay and Neil take off to Greece with the express aim of getting their ends away as swiftly and frequently as possible.

Given the quartet’s social shortcomings, this doesn’t prove as easy as they optimistically predict. Remember Kevin & Perry Go Large? If so, forget it and watch this instead. Our anchor amid the chaos is Simon Bird’s Will, a world-weary Adrian Mole for the 21st Century, whose deadpan reactions and voiceover provide enough distance to make the crassness bearable.

And make no mistake – it is crass. But regardless of how many words this lot find to describe the female anatomy, it’s all bluff: their predatory behaviour doesn’t go beyond murmuring “She’d get it”, and when confronted with an actual girl their responses range endearingly from bewilderment to terror.

Much like spending 97 minutes with real teenage horndogs, there are points at which the film wears thin, and writers Iain Morris and Damon Beesley should have put bros before hoes – between all the skirt-chasing and erection gags, there’s little time left for the group dynamics.

Still, it’s a sharp sex romp with snort-out-loud beats and its heart firmly in the right place. The standards extras – feature-length Making Of, chemistry-filled bloopers – are good value, but die-hards should go for the Triple Play set, featuring cast chat-tracks and an extended cut that bumps the rating all the way up to 18.

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