The Innocents


Co-scripted by everyone’s pipsqueak writer of choice Truman Capote from Henry Miller’s The Turn Of The Screw, Jack Clayton’s genuinely sinister Victorian ghost movie is a British cinema classic. Deborah Kerr sparkles as an inhibited vicar’s daughter employed by Michael Redgrave to tutor his orphaned niece and nephew. After she takes up residence at his sprawling mansion, though, Kerr becomes convinced the sprogs aren’t as sweet as they appear... and may be possessed by malevolent spirits.

The air of uncertainty as to whether the phantoms exist or are just the product of Kerr’s repressed hysteria is skilfully maintained by Clayton, and Freddie Francis’ haunting widescreen B&W photography has been magnificently upgraded to DVD.

Film Details

  • 12
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: December 11th 2006
  • Genre

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