The January Man


A serial killer stalks New York, and the mayor (Rod Steiger) starts to become distinctly worried when his daughter (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) almost becomes a victim. Enter eccentric and disgraced ex-cop Nick Starkey (Kevin Kline), brought back to the force to hunt the killer...

This 1989 thriller is far too silly for anyone's good, John Patrick Shanley's (Moonstruck) wildly implausible script asking us to believe that crimebusting is simply a case of waiting for Starkey's genius to spot patterns that everyone else has missed.

Still, get past the preposterous plot and Kline brings a delicate comedic touch to proceedings, well supported by a starry cast that includes Susan Sarandon, Harvey Keitel, Danny Aiello and Alan Rickman.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: October 1st 2002

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