The King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters


Before Xbox and PlayStation; pre-Wii… videogames were played in chirruping, neon-drenched city-centre caverns called ‘amusement arcades’. Gamers couldn’t skulk behind online aliases or anonymous WiFi multiplayer; they had to get out there and perform live, in front of watchful peers, suspicious arcade owners and surly old ladies with little trays of 10p pieces. The King Of Kong catches up with two very different players from the era’s mid-’80s boomtime, their adult motivations now darker than bagging the playground bragging rights...

For drummer, maths teacher and all-round family nice-guy Steve Wiebe, it’s all about empowerment. After being laid off from his job at Boeing, Wiebe hammered his home Donkey Kong cabinet until he bested the longstanding world record score… held by Billy Mitchell: gaming prodigy, swaggering self-promoter, hot sauce salesman; a man with a reputation – and mullet – to protect and preen. Director Seth Gordon tracks Wiebe and Mitchell as they tussle for the top spot – awarded by self-appointed stat-jockeys Twin Galaxies, a quaint clique of supernerds who seem curiously reluctant to let the underdog have his day.



Film Details

  • PG
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: June 16th 2008

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