The Lady Vanishes


Think Hitchcock films are just for critics, do you? So what the hell do you want from a movie? Action? Intrigue? Comedy? Romance? This fabulous mystery-thriller - made just before the corpulent genius left for Tinseltown - has got the lot.

It all starts simply enough: a sweet old lady vanishes into thin air on a train travelling through Europe. But when everyone on the choo-choo denies she ever existed, a spunky heroine (Margaret Lockwood) and an impudent charmer (Michael Redgrave) decide to find out what's going on. From there on in, the whirlpool suspense just keeps sucking you deeper, spinning you along on a rush of sparkling wit, stunning plot pivots and a gallery of irresistible characters. Just don't confuse it with the campy 1979 remake, also available on DVD.

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