The Last Exorcism


A brilliantly-judged docu-horror

Last Exorcism review

One of the year’s best surprises.

A documentary crew follows showman preacher Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian), who exposes his own fake exorcisms, only to take One Last Job that just might be the real thing…

And Daniel Stamm’s terrific docu-horror certainly is: the performances are compulsive, the hand-cam aesthetic is expertly judged, the chills are bracingly real and the cunning script keeps you guessing brilliantly (until the out-of-ideas ending, that is).

Plenty of solid extras on the disc, including three commentaries, real exorcism stories and even your own exorcism prayer.

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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: December 27th 2010
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    • craigy111

      Jan 29th 2011, 4:14


      I watched this the other day, I have to say it wasn't what I was expecting, as in not as good as I was expecting. The main character was stupid in my eyes to stick around when any person in their right mind would get the hell out of dodge and not look back and I found that it took half the movie to actually get anything remotely thrilling or chilling out of it. If your a fan of the 'Blair Witch' then you'll probably like this, though I prefer 'Paranormal Activity 2' if you like that eerie feeling every three minutes.

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