The Last Kiss


Would you cheat on your pregnant girlfriend with The OC’s Rachel Bilson? That’s the toughie facing Zach Braff at the centre of this ensemble love-drama, a remake of Italian flick L’Ultimo Bacio about late twenty-somethings getting to grips with growing up. Braff fans expecting the light-hearted rom-com of Scrubs, prepare to be disappointed. This is a much bumpier ride. The Last Kiss has raw emotions on display that distinguish it from the usual pap, even if their bareness jars with the movie’s oft-slapstick tone.

On their yak-track, Braff and director Tony Goldwyn seem to admit to the film’s rather scattergun nature, describing the scene where Casey Affleck and his furious partner (Lauren Lee Smith) tear strips off each other as “too successful”. Given that the movie is sold around Braff’s Gen X charm, it’s no surprise to see him cropping up on two separate chat tracks, the one with Goldwyn and another with the rest of the cast, both being as funny as you’d expect (especially Braff’s ribbing of Bilson). The rest of the extras fall into the landfill marked fluff, although the deleted scenes reveal an intriguing coda that might’ve wiped the slightly smug grin off the rest of the movie’s face.

The Last Kiss may misfire as the relationships unravel, but it’s well acted throughout and is certain to leave couples – especially guys – shifting uncomfortably in their seats. For the record, we wouldn’t have done it. Probably.


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