The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen


Flip straight to the second disc of this LXG double pack and you'll find Sean Connery admitting he was offered both The Matrix and The Lord Of The Rings, but turned them down because he "couldn't understand" them. He couldn't understand The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen either (the script was "a little too trickshie," as he puts it) but went for it anyway - the logic being, Matrix and Rings became massive, sci-fi/fantasy hits so why shouldn't LXG?

Oops. Third time definitely wasn't lucky for the Big Man, who visibly struggles with Stephen Blade Norrington's sloppy stew of half-baked CG, chewy dialogue and unpalatable plotting. It's no turkey, sure, but that's about as effusive as the praise gets. Obviously, the concept's marvellous - turn the 19th century's top literary heroes into a supergroup - but much has been lost in the Alan Moore comic-to-Hollywood translation. Even a few notable, valiant acting efforts (Peta Wilson as a vampish Mina Harker; Jason Flemyng as the bestial Mr Hyde) don't help. Go buy the graphic novels instead.

Film Details

  • 12A
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: March 1st 2004

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