The League Of Gentlemen's Apocalypse


Look, it just works better on DVD. There, said it. The League Of Gentlemen fellas will hate that – as the commentary makes it clear they wanted Apocalypse to have the scope of a “proper” film – but it’s true. There was just something slightly off about watching the precisely observed folk of Royston Vasey blunder about on the big screen, rather than at home on your telly.

The business of the characters escaping into the real world in search of their creators? It felt clever-clever rather than clever-funny and there wasn’t enough time spent with the favourites - those squeezed in having clearly been toned down. Often, it felt like a better idea than it did a finished film. Still, there’s masses of laugh-out-loud, repeatedly rewindable stuff here: Steve Pemberton playing Herr Lipp playing Steve Pemberton, the insanely detailed stop-motion monsters, the throwaway sight gags, the running jokes, the beltingly filthy toilet humour, David Warner’s beard...

The extras help a lot. Particularly the Gents’ commentary – a cheery mix of serious film-geek chat, sly innuendo and balls-out matey leg-pulling that livens up even the slowest bits. The disc has at least two storming Easter Eggs hidden among the strong Making Of material and unused footage. Be warned, though: you’ll struggle to repress the wrong-on-many-levels image of Pemberton fully made-up as Tubbs chatting away about his normal life.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: October 3rd 2005

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