The Long Weekend


Lounge first caught this obscure Oz thriller/ horror on twilight ITV back in the '80s and, with its tacky but twisted air of existential dread, it still has all the glint of a too-long buried gem.

Think Don't Look Now with the phantom mists of Venice switched for the prehistoric purgatory of a sweltering outback. Catty couple Peter (John Hargreaves) and Marcia (Briony Behets) head out to the arse-end of Aussie nowhere for an ill-advised camper-van break that turns into a breakdown. She's just had an abortion, he's had an affair. She mopes around a beach, he chucks lit fags into the grass, hacks down trees and generally invites a sound shoeing from Mother Nature (freak weather, bird attacks, bizarre sea creature menacings).


The simmering '70s pacing amps up the sense of a couple's mutual bitterness mutating into something poisonous and self-destructive. Shame only about the lazy DVD treatment, and Behets' shrill, turgid turn as Woman On The Edge. Julie Christie, she ain't.

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