The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers


Deftly overcoming any fears that The Fellowship Of The Ring follow-up would succumb to `second-film syndrome', Peter Jackson delivered another winner with The Two Towers.

Dropping the audience straight back into the action with a minimum of fuss (a brief flashback to Gandalf's fiery fall in the first movie is the only nod to newcomers), Jackson switches effortlessly through the gears, driving the plot while still introducing new characters. So we get The Rohans, The Gondorians and Treebeard blending in perfectly, allowing Jackson to streamline the book's labyrinthine narrative into something that works on screen. The sense of awe is diminished, but with its darker shadings, chaotic Helm's Deep conflict and standout CG-creation Gollum, The Two Towers proves more than a match for The Fellowship.

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