The Louis Malle Collections, Volumes 1 And 2


Less of a celebrated figure than fellow countrymen Godard and Truffaut, the late Louis Malle enjoyed an impressively varied directorial career, spanning nearly four decades. These box sets concentrate on the work he completed in his native France, in which he freely flitted between genres, while retaining his sympathy for outsider characters.


Highlights include taut debut Lift To The Scaffold, a New Wave film before the term existed. Also recommended is Le Feu Follet, an unsentimental account of the last 24 hours of a suicide. World War Two provided fertile inspiration for the filmmaker, prompting the controversial Lacombe Lucien, in which a young French farmhand aids the Gestapo, and the moving tale of childhood betrayal Au Revoir Les Enfants. Finally, Malle completists should relish the opportunity to watch his rarely-screened fantasy Black Moon.

Film Details

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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 31st 2006

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