The Loved Ones


How do you make a guy date you? Kidnap him of course!

The Loved Ones review

Growing pains really smart in Oz horror-hound Sean Byrne’s twisted fairy-tale.

Like some sado-Cinderella, high-school wallflower Lola (Robin McLeavy) reacts badly when Xavier Samuels’ troubled hunk spurns her: she has Daddy (John Brumpton) kidnap him for a home date.

Mirrorball, music, torture – la-la Lola lays it on. The pacing is choppy but Byrne serves a thick, satisfying stew of savagery and surprise sympathy, generously flavoured by lashings of black humour.

“The trick is not to go too far,” Daddy advises, handing Lola a drill.

Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: November 10th 2010
  • Genre

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