The Medusa Touch


“I’m beginning to think this is quite well-made,” says a surprised-sounding director Jack Gold on the jaunty commentary for his supernatural mystery, The Medusa Touch. He’s right, too. Richard Burton stars as John Morlar, a creepy author with a Carrie-style secret (“I have a gift for disaster”), with effortless support from Lino Ventura as a French detective investigating his attempted murder and Lee Remick as the shrink who comes to realise Morlar can crash planes into skyscrapers with his mind. Measured, enigmatic and utterly compelling, The Medusa Touch stands up better today than it has any right to, with echoes of 9/11 and recent terrorist activity in London helping to bolster its sinister atmosphere. This scrubbed-up DVD release restores the film’s original ratio and includes some pointless – but strangely hypnotic – behind-the-scenes footage from the movie’s climax: the destruction of a cathedral by the man with “a talent for catastrophe”. Excellent.


Film Details

  • PG
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: September 18th 2006

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