The Opposite Of Sex


If Wednesday Addams grew up, she'd be a lot like Dedee Truitt. Christina Ricci's scheming bitch in The Opposite Of Sex is a conniving little post-pubescent monster who wants everything her own way - and if that means pinching her brother's boyfriend or shooting the father of her unborn baby, that's fine by Dedee. She's a memorably rotten character in a wonderfully caustic comedy of bad manners unflinchingly written and directed by Don Roos. Ricci is brilliant and co-stars Martin Donovan, Lyle Lovett and Ivan Sergei all give fine performances. But the biggest surprise is Lisa Kudrow, ditching her irritating Phoebe persona to play an uptight spoilsport.


Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 19th 1999

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