The Perfect Man


"Hilary Duff. What can you say about her?" swoons director Mark Rosman in his goofy gab-track - the teen queen of choice for this disposable-as-a-paper-plate rom-com clearly captivating all who brushed past her. The story tells of Holly (Duff) and mum Jean (Heather Locklear), always on the move 'cause Mommy can't stop meeting the wrong man. Fed up with the flux, Holly starts hunting for her ma's new hubby...

Decent extras include 11 deleted scenes and a daft blooper reel that sheds little light on what is a sweet treat of a movie. Meanwhile, the featurettes fill you in with plenty of pizzazz and almost no concrete info.

But what of the film? Well, it's as ersatz as the cakes Holly's mum bakes, whipped cream and spun sugar hiding a sloppy core. Our Hils is a pro - but the rest is as predictable as her rise to the top. "Everyone loves Hilary," grins co-star Ben Feldman. Of course they do, Ben.


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