The Pink Panther Box Set


Let's face up to a few home truths. Peter Sellers might be one of the comedy greats, but the last two Pink Panther films he made before he snuffed it (The Pink Panther Strikes Again and Revenge Of The Pink Panther) were bloody patchy. And let's not even talk about the abysmal one they cobbled together from old clips after Sellers had died (Trail Of The Pink Panther).

Still, the original Pink Panther is a cracking `60s comedy caper. And the second Clouseau film, A Shot In The Dark, is even funnier, Sellers establishing his bumbling Inspector Clouseau as a franchise-worthy prospect.

Of course, the third film, Return Of, is also a bubbly romp, boasting a brilliant opening robbery sequence and some inspired gaggery. Which makes its absence from this box set containing all the other films a mystery worthy of the great French detective himself...

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: December 1st 2003

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