The Punisher


Sewer-black and just as impenetrable, Jonathan Hensleigh's Marvel remake is light years from Spider-Man 2. Gone are the cartoon colours; instead we suck up murder, torture and grim revenge.

Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) is a former G-man on One Last Job that goes awry, killing the son of sour baddie Howard Saint (canned ham John Travolta). Cue the slaughtered family and Castle reinventing himself as a dowdy superhero with a taste for skull-emblazoned T-shirts. Riddled with cruel and unusual punishments, The Punisher has little to redeem it - apart from Rebecca Romijn-Stamos' waitress, who adds a rare splinter of humanity to an otherwise dehumanised tale.

Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: January 24th 2005

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