The Road To Guantanamo


Michael Winterbottom's latest does for our 'special relationship' with the US what infidelity does for marriages. Co-directed by 9 Songs editor Mat Whitecross, it tells the true story of the 'Tipton Three', British blokes whose trip to Pakistan/Afghanistan led to a two-year stretch inside US prison Guantanamo Bay. Indignities suffered include beatings, solitary confinement and listening to Brit actors attempt American accents... The portrayal of the Yanks as dumb lunks may be accurate, but the performances don't feel true.

Yet this flaw pales next to the power of the story, intercut with touching talking heads from the real-life prisoners. They come across as ordinary lads who've had an extraordinary experience, whereas a clip of Rumsfeld (who says the camp is "consistent with the Geneva Convention... for the most part") aptly illustrates why semantics are no substitute for morality.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: March 27th 2006

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