The Simple Life: Interns


In the third and final TV outing for Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie (they no longer speak), the rich bitch duo - and their incontinent 'toy' dogs - hop on a Greyhound and undertake 16 different internships along the East coast of the US. Their loosely scripted stints are spent as cackhanded morticians (mind that urn!), secretaries, plastic surgery assistants (surprisingly, the Bel Air 'celebutantes' run screaming...), mechanics, weathergirls and fire-fighters. En route, they room with families who missed out on Wife Swap USA - chain-smoking chavs, a fearsome beauty queen-turned-motivational speaker and some hysterical Noo Joisey Sopranos types.

Despite her infamy, sullen sex doll Paris plays duosyllabic ("That's hot!") second-fiddle to mean-girl queen Nicole, whose minxy wit and utter lack of either fear or shame elevates the show from strategically-edited reality TV to neo-realist sitcom.


BEST BIT The zoo episode, where Nicole gets giraffes to French-kiss and Paris refuses to join in frozen-mouse feeding time: "I would never cut an animal in half with scissors, it's sick."

Film Details

  • 12
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: January 9th 2006

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