The Sopranos: Season Six


So, there’s this guy called Kevin Finnerty (read it out loud) and he’s away on business, marooned in some sterile hotel. There’s a mistaken identity problem with his travel documents and he can’t get home. That is, he’s in limbo. Or, depending on your spiritual inclination, purgatory...

Gazing out of one hotel window, he sees a distant, flickering light. Out of the opposite window, there’s a darker, redder light. Someone tells him it’s a fire. Yeah, right... The guy isn’t really Kevin Finnerty. He’s Tony Soprano, New Jersey Mob boss, and he’s comatose after being shot by his uncle, clutching at life and locked in a subconscious battle for his soul...

If you still haven’t seen The Sopranos, then, seriously, ignore the people telling you that you simply must catch up with The Wire or CSI: Cleethorpes and... just... watch... The Sopranos. Season six is the pre-wrap. The point where creator David Chase hits a limbo of his own; revving to forge forward with his characters’ destinies, slowly pounding the drama up to ramming speed for next year’s inevitably cataclysmic finale.

It’s adult, acerbic and incendiary. There’s sex, death, rapture, torture and at least one scene in every episode which will have the most slumped of cynics barking out in pleasure/disbelief. Chase’s admission that GoodFellas was his blueprint for the show is bang-on. The Sopranos is Scorsese on TV. And you really need to see it.

BEST BIT Tony pummels his bodyguard half to death, before scurrying off to puke his alpha-male guts up.


Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: November 27th 2006

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