The Sound Of Music (40th Anniversary Special Edition)


Digitally remastered so those snow-capped Austrian mountains shine and Julie Andrews' tremolo is as clear as an abbey bell, this 40th-anniversary re-issue is crammed with fans' favourite things. There's also joy still to be had in the restored film, as unfeasibly perky novice nun Maria (Andrews) pitches up at the house of gloomy Captain Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer) for the role of governess to his unruly offspring. Before you can chirrup 'Do-Re-Me', Maria has charmed the Cap'n and the kids alike with her trilling and skipping.

With the movie neck-high in schmaltz, it's no surprise that the extras revel in it, too - Andrews providing a twee, luvvie introduction to a tasty array of behind-the-scenes treats. She theatrically recalls the shoot in soft focus, there's a flirty conversation between her and Plummer, a tourist-brochure flit round Salzburg and, currently ruining parties nationwide, a karaoke option on your favourite ditties. More meaty is the fascinating biography of the actual Von Trapps (Maria wasn't such a doll in reality), an exhaustive, candid documentary about the filming and a look at the cult of Singalong evenings. Best of all, though, is the reunion of the now-doddery Von Trapp child actors as they meet up for recollections. Pure giddy feel-good on disc. If you can stomach it.


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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: November 28th 2005

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