The Three Colours Trilogy Box Set


Blue, White and Red; liberty, equality and fraternity. Taking his themes and colour codes from the French flag, Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski here fashions one of cinema's most accomplished trilogies. Blue follows widow Juliette Binoche as she seeks freedom and anonymity, a life without obligation. White sees hairdresser Zbigniew Zamachowski set about exacting revenge on Julie Delpy's ice-queen ex-wife. And Red poses a fledgling friendship between Irene Jacob's compassionate model and Jean-Louis Trintignant's embittered judge.

Humane but unsentimental, philosophical but unpretentious, the films juggle tones and topics but remain consistent, three parts of a whole. Kieslowski's careful use of colours and motifs help shift the kaleidoscopic bigger picture into focus, but it's Red's ingenious climax - the ever-lurking spectre of Fate brought strikingly to the fore - that freezes it and frames it. Masterful.

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