The Ultimate Matrix Collection


Okay. The franchise has finished. The hype is over. The matrix has been unplugged and it's fairly safe to say that Revolutions is, at the risk of sounding too technical, cack. That's the third one. Or is it the second? No, hang on, the second is the one with the freeway chase, isn't it? Reloaded - that's it - with the pulse-pounding bike stuntwork scary enough to make Evel Knievel wince. It has its moments. The trouble is, the moves are a bit of a mush now - blurred by the bloated, pretentious conclusion.

Think that's harsh? Well, just try sitting through them back to back. The first is a tight, intelligent, groundbreaking actioner that rattles along like a runaway train and delivers some of the most imitated and awesome action sequences in modern cinema history. Slam the others in the tray after and their flaws become only more apparent. It's baffling to think that the same guys who were behind, say, the "desert of the real" sequence could also be responsible for the Gap advert thrashing of Reloaded's Zion party or that the blokes who thought up Neo and Agent Smith's minimalist subway scrap also have their dabs on the ludicrous, blatantly computer-drawn final showdown between the iconic characters in Revolutions (just because you can do it with bits and bytes doesn't mean you always should, guys).

Definition of a bad sequel? A film that actually makes you love the original a little bit less. Highlander 2: The Quickening used to be easily the worst ever. Revolutions is fighting for it now and there can be only (the) one.

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