The Unit: Season One


An undercover US special forces team duffs up hijackers, assassinates gunrunners and generally kicks terrorist ass. Don’t worry – two things save The Unit from being Ultimate Force with US accents.

First, the cast, led by 24’s President Palmer, Dennis Haysbert. Together with the likes of Robert Patrick, he perfectly tiptoes along that fine line between convincingly mundane and barmy Jack Bauer-esque superheroism. And two? David Mamet was co-creator. The minutely researched forays into the world of death and deniability show all his strengths – staccato dialogue, hard-bitten characters and effortless pacing.

BEST BIT A priceless insight from Mamet in the otherwise sparse extras: “Making a TV show was a lot like taking your dick out and pounding it with a fuckin’ hammer for about 13 and a half months.”


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: April 30th 2007

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