The Walker


Woody Harrelson’s campy yet dignified turn as Carter Page III, a gay ‘walker’ to Washington hostesses, carries Paul Schrader’s stylish but thinly plotted murder mystery from wasteful to wistful. Harrelson, all raised eyebrows and drawled quips, hints masterfully at the gaping sadness beneath both Page’s social whirl and his decision to abet an adulterous old friend’s cover-up of her lover’s killing. But Schrader’s own decision to pack The Walker with heavy nods to his older, better films (Page even undresses in fetishistic American Gigolo style) backfires. Where’s the marvellously cruel eye of Auto Focus, or the designer despair of Light Sleeper? If only he’d given us a four-course film rather than this platter of classy canapés.


Film Details

  • 12
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: January 12th 2008

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