The Wicker Man: Collector's Edition


Something wicker this way comes: this triple-disc re-release proves time can heal all wounds. Butchered by studio suits at British Lion, TheWicker Man’s sorry history (original negatives allegedly buried under the M3 motorway) became as pervasive as the story’s chilling paganism.

Finally receiving the reverence it deserves, Robin Hardy’s film is now acknowledged as Britain’s greatest horror, a frightmare in which Edward Woodward’s Bible-bashing copper searches for a missing girl on a remote Scottish island and finds his faith tested.

Shamelessly timed to cash in on Neil LaBute’s sacrilegious remake, this Collector’s Edition wisely reproduces everything from the extras-stuffed Director’s Cut: both versions of the movie, an enthralling commentary and more. What’s new is a third disc containing Paul Giovanni’s haunting soundtrack (previously a standalone CD release) and incisive 2001 doc Burnt Offering. Presenter Mark Kermode’s rigorous research debunks the biggest production myths, uncovers some memorable anecdotes and reveals Britt Ekland’s continuing indignation at her body double’s “big ass”.

If you haven’t already grabbed this (fertility) cult classic, rest assured that this (barring excavations of the M3, of course) is the definitive edition.


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