A foxy French teacher and her novelist husband live in a massive, conveniently spooky house in the rustling outlands of Bucharest. One night, they play-fight, squabble, have sex, crash out. And then... “We asked our friends what scared them,” says co-director David Moreau in the Making Of. “So many said the same thing – something coming into their home.” Moreau and writing/directing partner Xavier Palud run with the invasion theme for 90 taut, tingling minutes. Denying us the sight of the oppressors, Them cranks up the sound – moans and murmurs, yelps and yowls, clunks and bumps in the night... The DV-shot house is cast in an oppressive sepia shimmer: it’s a middle-class cocoon mutated into something more angular and cage-like. This is far from a horror classic (overplayed intro, little character depth). But it is a short, sharp jolt of tension and terror – with an all-too-plausible twist.


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