There's Something More About Mary: Two-Disc Special Edition


Cameron Diaz's Mary is a bright and shining star orbited by a handful of unsuitably scuzzy suitors: childhood sweetheart Ted (Ben Stiller), seedy investigator Pat (Matt Dillon) and very good friend/sly'n'smarmy bastard Tucker/Norman (Lee Evans). All will do anything to get her... And all go through the meat grinder attempting to do just that, the Farrelly brothers churning out the gross gags - zipped-up genitals, an electrocuted dog, spunky hair gel - to win major belly laughs.

At two hours, it's overstretched but it's intensely funny at regular intervals, and this taste-pushing comedy's also big-hearted and brilliantly observed. Example? Mary's stepdad sitting down and pulling on his reading glasses to inspect Ted's "frank'n'beans" in the movie's funniest sequence. It's just a little disappointing that the Farrellys have been so uneven in the six years since.

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