Thicker Than Water


Keen on surfing? This tiny travelogue from the Hawaii-born singer-songwriter Jack Johnson might just wax your board. Anyone else though, might be merely bored - the songsmith's soporific, 16mm celebration of surf rarely rising above a cine-sea of snooze.

The too-mellow-to-be-true Johnson made the film with his surf pals Chris and Emmett Malloy on an 18-month trek to key surf spots, stopping off in Tahiti, Ireland and elsewhere. Don't expect any insight into locations though, aside from faux-trad folk jigging for guess where. This 45-minute story is largely told in waves alone, and while that offers a certain pretty purity, once you've seen one wave you've really seen 'em all.

Apparently, Johnson found his scant songwriting voice scoring this slip of surf cinema. Even so, neither the film, commentary nor extra footage have much to say about music or waves. While there isn't enough here to actively dislike, Water is insubstantial.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: November 28th 2005

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