This Life +10


Good things come to those who wait, apparently. Bollocks. It’s been 10 years since jittery Brit-drama This Life fled our screens and this is all we get? A lazily-plotted insult to the memories of 1996/7 when the house-sharing, booze-glugging, poly-shagging barristers obsessed anyone with a telly.

Gathered for bi-biker Ferdy’s funeral, the original flatmates are back. There’s Miles (Jack Davenport, swanning it in the country with pretty, shrill, 2D Me-Linh (Linh-Dan Pham)), Warren (Jason Hughes, wannabe life-coach), Anna (Daniela Nardini, the one remaining barrister) and Milly (Amita Dhiri, housewife, mum, conflicted). And then there’s Egg (Andrew Lincoln) – now a successful novelist having cannibalised the lives of his friends for a bestseller. Another reason for this reunion? A documentary on the tome’s subjects.

This Life was well-loved because it was realistic. It had people doing normal things in an understated way. +10 has melodramatic cartoon characters doing and saying things they never would. Anna’s too bitchy to Me-Linh, Egg too shitty to Milly, Warren too loony and everyone’s too fond of exaggeration, short-tempers and four-year-old rows (Iraq and oil? So 2003–4). Two stars for nostalgia. Misses out on the other three for kicking said nostalgia in the teeth.


Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: February 26th 2007

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