This Life: Series One And Two


Nineties nostalgia? With a one-off special in the works, Lounge strongly urges you to rediscover this decade-defining pseudo-soap...

Ten years ago, the middle-England tabloids frothed about the drugs and the sex (particularly the gay sex) and, oddly, it was left to the Financial Times to zone in on the show's appeal ("It shows young people behaving as they actually do behave"). Forget the lazy Friends comparisons. This Life has more in common with the freshness and guile of Trainspotting (released in the same year).

And for a decade-old show, the waspish dialogue still stings. Here's Daniela Nardini's bad girl Anna summarising her childhood at a job interview: "My father left when I was 11. My mother went to bed with a packet of temazepam. She's still there."

BEST BIT The punch.

Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: February 27th 2006

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