Tin Man


Originally broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel late last year as a three-part mini-series, this is a steampunk-styled Wizard Of Oz revamp starring Zooey Deschanel as diner waitress DG (in a very Dorothy-esque blue gingham uniform), who’s kidnapped by evil scorceress Azkadelia (Kathleen Robertson) and dragged down to the weird Outer Zone (OZ). There, she runs into the expected travel companions – including Alan Cumming as zipper-headed, half-brained loon Glitch and psychic man-lion Raw (Raoul Trujillo) – who join her as she scuffles with the local tyrants and tries to find the way home. At a reported cost of $19m, the twisty Tin Man earns its keep with pop-art visuals, an up-for-it cast and a psychedelic score from former Dario Argento collaborator Simon Boswell. At 264 minutes this journey through nu-Oz will take you all night, but there are many diverting detours. Extras unavailable.

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