To Have And To Hold


“You shouldn’t mess with people’s memories!” says Tchéky Karyo in this overcooked 1996 melodrama from director John Hillcoat and writer/performer Nick Cave. It’s a line worth remembering by punters wanting this tale of a romantic novelist’s doomed affair with a widowed filmmaker to live up to the Aussie duo’s other collaborations, 1988 prison yarn Ghosts... Of The Civil Dead and last year’s excellent Western The Proposition. That it doesn’t can be partly blamed on a second-hand plot that relocates Rebecca to Papua New Guinea, an exotic locale for a pedestrian whodunnit as Rachel Griffiths tries to discover what happened to her fella’s previous missus. Turns out Karyo’s keen to know as well, his memories of her demise lost in a boozy blackout – a state that becomes increasingly attractive the more unhinged his gone-native drunkard becomes. Cave’s melancholy score and the lush jungle visuals aside, this is one proposition that’s best saying no to.

Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: April 23rd 2007

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