Tokyo Fist


More brutal, bludgeoning conflict at the point where meat meets metal from Tetsuo helmer Shinya Tsukamoto. This unrated director's cut sees him turn his blood-spattered lens towards boxing, but anyone expecting a redemptive Rocky-esque tale of the "noble art" had better look away now.

Ostensibly the tale of a love triangle between insurance exec/novice amateur-boxer Tsuda (Tsukamoto himself), his girlfriend Takuji (Kôji Tsukamoto) and pro-fighter Hizaru (Kahori Fujii), the plot quickly fades into the background as the filmmaker's fascination with mutilation takes over.

Shot in muted, nightmarish tones, the film plays like David Lynch with the brakes off. You could argue that it's a look at boxing's thuggery and self-harm (Takuji acquires her own bodyweight in piercings), but the gory feeling that it's little more than arty nasty voyeurism keeps picking at your brain.

Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: November 29th 2004

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