Torchwood Series 1


“Sexy, dark, dangerous,” glows Russell T Davies, giving his post-watershed Doctor Who spin-off the full promo-ride on an extra for a well-stacked seven-disc package. Honestly? “Daft” and “patchy” fit, too. Davies’ Cardiff-based alien-watching team show doesn’t always hit home. Without Doctor’s family-show appeal, TW’s success rests largely on its ‘grown-up’ ambitions, which aren’t answered by violence and what starry lady Eve Myles calls “lady kissing”. A great show for any age group needs great stories, and TW’s tasty premises often struggle to graft po-faced interest on to playful material. Still, John Barrowman is a winning leading man, Myles anchors the series well and a series-closing rattle’n’hum gives good geek-gasm.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: November 19th 2007

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