Toy Story (10th Anniversary Edition)


Right, so there are all these toys and they come to life when no one's around... Okay, so you don't really need a detailed plot run-through for Pixar's genre-redefining classics. The first film changed the face of moviemaking, spawned an even better sequel, yadda, yadda, yadda. Let's cut to the chase - what's new on these discs that wasn't on, say, the Ultimate Toy Box editions from a few years ago?

Well, the films have been given a serious 10th (and, um, 6th) anniversary spruce up, with the DVD copies being taken straight from Pixar's digital source ("It's chock full of bits!" crows John Lasseter). And they do look great. There are new commentaries from Lasseter, plus a selection of animators and behind-the-scenes whizkids. They don't have a lot of fresh stuff to say but make nerdily cheery company. The bonus discs on both films are crammed with the usual explanations of CG-animation, design details, storyboards, unfinished scenes and assorted other bits and bobs, ranging from the technical to the gloriously silly. A lot of the factual material has a slightly recycled feel to it, but then - as the vintage but excellent Making Of docs for both films show - if you've done something perfectly before, why bother doing it again?

As well as the commentaries, there's more out-and-out new stuff. For instance, The Legacy doc on Toy Story's bonus disc allows the likes of George Lucas, Peter Jackson and the voice cast to give their take on the movie's success. There's also a slightly self-indulgent chat between four of the filmmakers and assorted not-very-difficult to find Easter Eggs scrambled around the menu systems.

You're left with an odd sense that the Toy Story 2 package isn't quite as good - it feels less crammed somehow - and there's no sign of any of Pixar's short films (the early ones were on the Ultimate Toy Box, after all). By anyone else's standards, this would be a pretty awesome set. By Pixar's, though, it somehow feels lacking. These guys normally set the bar for DVD extras. Getting a very good set off them, rather than a gobsmacking one, is a bit of a letdown.

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