Trilogy Of The Dead


George Romero's living dead triptych offers up three of the greatest horror movies ever made. Night Of The Living Dead (1968) pushed the American fear flick into the modern era, with aggressive, handheld camerawork and envelope-splattering gore. Dawn Of The Dead (1978) swapped black-and-white stock for lurid colour and transposed the action from a small secluded farmhouse to a gigantic secluded shopping mall. And Day Of The Dead (1985) dived underground into a military bunker - hell on Earth, anyone? All contain spiky satirical subtexts, meaning this is horror with brains as well as guts - and we don't just mean those pasted across the camera lens. One problem, though: this version of Night is the 30th anniversary edition, featuring 15 minutes of freshly shot footage (Romero had no involvement) and a new score. It's still bloody good, but why not give us Romero's classic?

Film Details

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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: November 1st 2002

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