"If you want an honest woman, break her leg and keep her home." Yes, it's more sex, satire and sadomasochism from Spanish maestro Luis Buñuel in this cynical black revenge-comedy. Catherine Denueve is the beautiful Spanish girl taken into the care of a middle-aged intellectual (Fernando Rey) who wastes no time in taking her into the bedroom. Our Tris runs off with a handsome young artist (Franco Nero) but, one leg amputation later, eventually finds herself back in Rey's household. Now it's her turn to dominate - a limping dark destroyer out to exact cold vengeance.

Pivoting on power, desire and frustration, Tristana plays like a showcase of Buñuel's obsessions: staircases and alleyways become striking sexual motifs, innocence contorts into violence, and the bourgeoisie and the Church take a shoeing. Truth be told, it's a rather obvious rip-off of earlier, richer works like Viridiana. Nonetheless, a decent entry point to the master's delicious fantasies of perversion.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: June 1st 2005

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