Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me


While Peaks freaks continue to pine for that Series Two DVD, here's a disappointingly vanilla stop-gap of David Lynch's spooky but patchy feature-length prequel. With typical perversity, Lynch avoids cosy closure, instead riffing on his TV themes that seem even more baffling with big-screen expansion.

Sooo... There's this little guy who talks backwards and controls a bunch of demons that travel through light fittings and owls and, er, one of the demons - scraggy-haired Beelze-Bob - possesses prom-queen Laura Palmer's dad who abuses and murders her, and all FBI agents assigned to the case end up in the postmodern purgatory to watch the little guy have a bit of a dance... That's very, very nice, Dave. But can we have another Straight Story, now?


Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: August 8th 2005

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