`Straightforward' would have been a more apt title for this identikit psycho-suspenser, which offers Ashley Judd her bazillionth woman-in-peril-in-mediocre-thriller role. Okay, so her San Francisco homicide 'tec has a couple of interesting edges - unapologetic promiscuity, borderline alcoholism - but look at the sub-Joe Eszterhas plot built around her, a vanilla check list of cheap kicks and serial-killer clichés whose culprit you'll nail in the first act. Facile, hokey and laughable, it's a bad day at the office for all concerned, with even auto-pilot cop chief Samuel L Jackson clearly wishing he could swap Golden Gate fog for the fairway. Worst thing, though, is this wasn't knocked off by some greenhorn hack but by the classy Philip Kaufman (The Right Stuff). Now that's what you call twisted.


Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: October 4th 2004

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