Unknown White Male


On 3 July 2003, Douglas Bruce opened his eyes on a New York subway train with no idea who he was or how he got there. He had an English accent, a Spanish guidebook and a slip of paper with a woman’s name and address on it.

Bruce is wealthy, handsome and – if you think Rupert Murray’s intriguing, haunting amnesia documentary is a hoax – also a fantastic actor. But then again, wonders the film, maybe we all are... The DVD’s bonus interviews see Murray, Bruce, Bruce’s friends and medical experts all earnestly assuring us of its validity. Maddeningly, though, they still fail to ask the right questions or unearth the necessary details to autopsy the truth behind the stockbroker-turned-photographer’s mental reboot.

Real-life ...Spotless Mind? Or genius prank? Doubts persist, but ignorance is still bliss: as a philosophical inquest, Unknown White Male’s man-without-a-past is a compulsive metaphor in the search for self.


Film Details

  • 12A
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: September 11th 2006

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