Until The End Of The World


Wim Wenders originally pitched this personal epic as “the ultimate road movie”. Just explaining the story took him six hours. And after a $23-million shoot across 15 different cities in eight countries on four continents, producers finally put the brakes on the madcap caper. There’s no Making Of doc on the disc, which is a shame, as it would definitely be better than the organic (rambling), über-ambitious (über-long) sci-fi fantasy that emerged from Wenders’ 20-hour rough cut.

Set at the end of 1999, a tumbling nuclear satellite provides the millennial-apocalypse jitters as melancholy French woman Solveig Dommartin pursues mysterious American searcher William Hurt across the Earth. Vibed by a haunting soundtrack, Wenders’ lyrical obsessions (images, connection, identity, memory) are all brewing over the boil, but rarely ignite the sensory emotion that flares from his greatest odysseys.


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: February 26th 2007

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