V For Vendetta


It may be the best adaptation of an Alan Moore graphic novel yet to hit the screen, but, when you’re up against From Hell and The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the victory isn’t exactly hard-fought. Still, despite never managing to overcome the problem of an antihero whose facial expressions are trapped behind a white mask, Vendetta does at least try to re-imagine the original, toning down Moore’s seething, satirical stab at Thatcher’s Britain into a swipe at today’s America. Well, sort of.

Producer Joel Silver and director James McTeigue insist, on the Freedom! Forever!: Making V For Vendetta documentary, that all of this is really just a warning of things to come. Despite the blather, the Making Of is comprehensive enough to make up for the lack of a chat-track, while Designing The Near Future gives a standard-issue gawp at the movie’s miniatures. Remember, Remember is an in-depth look at the history of Guy Fawkes, aimed at international audiences unfamiliar with his story and replete with academics filling in his explosive tale (and Stephen Fry explaining the phrase “penny for the guy”). England Prevails, meanwhile, a celebration of how great Alan Moore is, can’t tempt the difficult comics genius from hiding.


Have you guessed what’s missing? Yup – the film’s writers and producers, the Wachowskis. Maybe they were fearful of some wag asking, “So, which one of you guys wants to be the lady again?”

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