Where Pigeons Dare could’ve been the title for this compu-animated kid-flick, in which a flock of avian Allies wing it to occupied France on a vital mission. Fun, if featherweight, it barely poops on Pixar – though there is something Disney-ish about its eponymous hero, a big-hearted, tiny-bodied wood pigeon voiced by Ewan McGregor. He keeps a high profile through the middling extras (premiere puff, recording sessions), as does co-larynx Ricky Gervais. We learn that Gervais had major misgivings about the mike-work – ironic considering his con-artist Bugsy is the show-stealer, tickling ribs each time he opens his David Brent-alike beak.

Other casting coos include Tim Curry’s Nazi falcon and drill sergeant Jim Broadbent, while the pixel-wranglers make their $40 million go a fair way (check out the Channel’s stormy thrash). It’s a shame the story’s got as much substance as an episode of ’Allo ’Allo, but this soars high enough to at least stop the brats squawking for 80-odd minutes.

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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: November 7th 2005

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