Veronica Guerin


No two ways about it: Cate Blanchett really can pick great roles for herself. It would just be nice if occasionally they were in better movies. As it is, to savour her fine, nuanced turn as crusading Irish journalist Veronica Guerin, you have to wade through the rest of Joel Schumacher's sledgehammer-wielding, tub-thumping message movie.

The Guerin story is a great one - the tale of her campaign against Ireland's drug barons has already inspired the Joan Allen-starrer When The Sky Falls - but it needs subtle shading. This is black-and-white, Guerin the only colour character amid a gallery of monochrome peripheral players. Mind you, what do you really expect from a movie that establishes the council-estate milieu by showing a bright-eyed, cherubic toddler picking a syringe up off the floor? Or a director who manages to make his movie feel like glossy Hollyschlock despite filming on location, under pissing skies?

Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: February 1st 2004

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