Violence At High Noon


Even by Nagisa Oshima’s abrasive standards, this film makes for tough viewing. Not only for its subject matter – the real-life case of rapist and serial killer Eisuke Oyamada – but for its mind-twisting style. Heavily under the influence of early Resnais, Oshima challenges us with a time-splintering narrative structure and multiple frenetic jump-cuts – over 2,000 in the film’s 97 minutes – that often make it hard to know what’s happening when or where. As Eisuke, Kei Sato gives a brutal, sneering performance and Oshima does nothing to explain or palliate his behaviour. But despite this, he’s protected by two women – his wife and his first rape victim – who hamper the police investigation for their own misguided reasons. Toss in one of the director’s trademark double suicides and no sense of redemption for anyone and you’ve got a technically ingenious but emotionally lowering experience. Extras unavailable.

Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 28th 2008

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