Waiting Women


Also known as Secrets Of Women, this is early-period Ingmar Bergman, just prior to the stylistic breakthrough of Summer With Monika and Sawdust And Tinsel. Dating from 1952, in effect it's a three-parter: in a seashore summerhouse three sisters-in-law swap stories from their marriages while waiting for their respective husbands to show up. First off, Anita Björk recalls an episode of adultery with an old flame. Then Maj-Britt Nilsson tells how she met an artist in Paris, bore his child and eventually married him. The third and funniest episode has Gunnar Björnstrand and Eva Dahlbeck stuck in a tiny lift. The enforced proximity thaws out their chilly, formalised marriage. Bergman was already fêted as a supreme director of women, but part three revealed for the first time his knack for comedy. And though the movie was written, according to Bergman, "in a mood of bad temper" (as always, he wrote his own script), it gave him his first big box-office hit.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 1st 2005

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