War And Peace


Few of the Lounge team are meticulous scholars of 19th-century Russian literature. But in our vulgar age of instant gratification, we resolved to enrich our minds and settled in for a cosy wet Sunday afternoon...

00:01–01:00... A meandering dissection of Napoleonic-era Russian society. Loads of talking. Plenty of peace, not much war. Fast-forward a bit.

1:10... Ah. Bit of action. Napoleon invades Russia. Sword-waving Cossacks and all that. It goes a bit Thin Red Line-shaped as a soldier gets nailed by a cannon and we hear his dying thoughts.

04:00–7:40... French soldiers sack Moscow and shoot Russian prisoners. Harsh. French eventually driven back. Actors clearly ageing from scene to scene (it took over seven years to film). Everyone talks a lot, gets old, has financial problems. Clearly still relevant today.

7:40... Beautifully shot, sturdy performances, deep and worthy of its Oscar. But, we’ve dishonoured ourselves by staring at the walls, skipping bits and, at one point, going to have a bath. Time to make amends and go hardcore...

Strong coffee. Phone off the hook. Select Russian language version.


Film Details

  • PG
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: June 3rd 2002

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