Weeds - Season One


Cable channel Showtime’s entry into the half-hour dramedy format is a dry, pithy burn on the picket-fence enclaves of suburban America. Mary-Louise Parker is snark and sass personified as widow turned pot dealer Nancy Botwin, ably backed by Elizabeth Perkins (caustic PTA leader Celia) and series standout Justin Kirk as our heroine’s shiftless brother-in-law Andy. (Youngest son Alexander Gould also has his moments – witness the hilarious jihad hostage video, complete with plastic scimitar held at his kid sister’s neck.) At only 30 minutes a toke, the stories don’t have quite enough room to breathe, leaving you with the munchies rather than a blissed-out high. But this is still a funky blend of laughs, cultural satire and the odd teary moment.

Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: September 3rd 2007

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